Mattress Sanitizing


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As well as cleaning carpets M&R Carpets also specialise in sanitizing mattresses. If you’ve experienced a flood then you know that floods tend to spoil everything around them. If a flood reached your mattress or it gets exposed to a lot of water then it’s time to sanitize it and get it taken care of. It can be tiring and so you should check to make sure you can even save the mattress before taking the time to do it. If the mattress springs were exposed to a lot of water then there’s a good chance you won’t be able to save the mattress so it’s worth just scrapping it and getting a new one. Foam mattresses are good though and can be easily fixed.

It’s good to clean it in a wide open area, like your yard or your garage. Just make sure that where you clean the mattress is also dry and not exposed to the elements too much. You’ll know that the mattress is clean when the water that comes out of it is clean and dirt free. That’s the first step in cleaning it properly. Add white vinegar to a bucket of water and then drench a towel in the mixture and apply it to the mattress to clean it up. The vinegar solution gets rid of all the germs, mold and bacteria that accumulate in the mattress to sanitize it further. Rub it into the mattress and then leave it for about half an hour for the best results.

You know the mattress is clean when the water oozing out of the mattress is clean. You can add white vinegar in a bucket full of water and drench a towel in that solution. The mattress is then supposed to be rubbed with that towel in order to make the foam soak the vinegar solution while rubbing. This helps the mattress to get rid of the bacteria, mildew and molds which get accumulated on the mattresses over the years. The solution is to be left on the mattress for about half and hour so that it can work.

The vinegar is then to be removed from the mattress with the help of water and once it is clean, the excess water is to be removed from the mattress by pressing on the mattress with both your hands. Once this entire process is done, the baking soda should be sprinkled on the mattress, which would help defuse the smell of vinegar and at the same time remove the bacteria from the mattress. Once the mattress is dry, you should vacuum the mattress again to make sure that there is no dust particle on it, and also even the carpet. This is the most common method which is used by the carpet cleaner Pretoria these days.

After half an hour of drying, use regular water to clean up the vinegar. When everything is clean use your hands to press down on the mattress to squeeze out any excess water. After all of that use baking soda on the mattress to get rid of the smell of vinegar, as well as other smells. Once the mattress is completely and utterly dry a vacuum cleaner helps get rid of any remaining dust on the carpet.

This method of sanitizing a mattress is the one used the most by M&R Carpets and it’s a tried and tested technique. Just keep in mind that, again, it is very time consuming. There are plenty of steps to it and a lot of mixing and waiting. It takes more time and patience than a lot of people have. It’s a good idea to ask M&R if We can do it for you while We clean your carpet. Their inspectors and professionals will listen to what you have to say and cater to your demands. From pawn gold johannesburg to pawn shop Johannesburg, to the Union buildings, we have cleaned it it.

We’ve been in business for many years now and work with plenty of professional companies including offices of the state and high level companies. We also work in the home on a smaller budget.  Get a hold of us and We’ll recommend things for you and tell you outright how much it’s going to all cost. If it’s too much then We’ll work with what you have to do the best We can do in the situation. and honest