Carpet Drying Tips

The Best Tips for Carpet Drying From The Experct Carpet Cleaning Pretoria Company

The humidity in the air highly affects the quickness with which the carpet dries after you wash it. The less humid it is, the lesser time it would take to dry up. When the humidity rate is low in summers, the carpet can easily dry in five to six hours, however, in the monsoons, it can take as long as fifteen hours to dry up. In case you are getting it done from our Pretoria carpet cleaning service then it is a different thing, but if you Do It Yourself, then there are a lot of things you have to take care of. There are ways which can reduce the drying times, some of which have been mentioned below:

Carpet Drying Tips

In winters, in case you switch on your heater, then the drying time will increase because the humid air will increase in such a situation. The evaporation process is reduced when you turn on the heater, about which, a very people know about. People usually tend to switch on their heater when they have to dry clothes in winters. Instead, you must use ceiling fans to circulate the air in the room, which will then help in drying the carpet faster.

In case of summers, the drying time is reduced by switching on the air conditioner, which helps to remove the moist air from the room. When you open the doors and windows of the room, then the circulation of the room also improves, making it easier for the carpet to dry. In case you open the windows for a few inches in winters, it will help you a great deal in reducing the drying time of the carpet. When the carpet is drying, you must ensure that the floor traffic is not there, so that the drying time is reduced. If no one walks on the carpet when it is in its drying state, then the fibers of the rug do not fall, which ensures that it dries up quickly. In case you step on the carpet, it becomes damp and creates a lot of problem when you are steam cleaning

These tips are great when you want your carpet to dry as soon as possible. They also ensure that it is dried up in the right way and the quality of the carpet is not compromised. If you follow these tips by giving some time to the same, carpet cleaning will get easier.