About Carpet Installation.

Carpet Installation is not easier said than done unless you make use of experienced carpet installers in Pretoria like M&R Carpets. To clarify this statement – let us look at some of the requirements and decisions that will affect you when installing a new carpet.

When deciding to install a new carpet in a room as part of a new look it is advisable to complete other modifications first – like wallpaper or painting. Breakable fittings should be removed and wiring etc. should be moved out of the way. Move all obstructions out of the way.

You will require professional tools like a knee kicker, stair tool, carpet stretcher, wall trimmer as well as the standard hammer, scissors, utility knife and stapler to be able to complete the carpet installation. Most carpet installation also require tack strips, binder bars and glue. Luckily professional installers like M&R Carpets have these at hand, should you choose to go with the professional installation of your carpet.

Carpet Installation

When purchasing the carpet of your choice, depending on the size of the pattern, you need to purchase at least 5% or more, in case of large patterns, extra to ensure correct pattern seam matching.

You will need to “rough cut” the carpet lengths (larger than room space) and estimate seam and pattern matching before proceeding with an exact seam cut. You also need to take note of carpet pile direction when planning the layout of your carpet installation.

Most if not all carpets require padding. Carpet padding is a scientific subject all by itself, but do not despair here are some details:

The most common and good choice in padding is known as rebond carpet padding and should not be confused with the “free” padding option your retailer provides.

All of these kinds of carpet padding is urethane based, but he free padding option, also known as foam padding has a maximum lifespan of about three years.

On the other side of the scale we have prime urethane, that is most common in commercial applications. A good measure of thumb, and this any professional installer like M&R Carpets will advise you on, is that the grade of padding must match the grade of carpet you are installing.

Your carpet installation choice will also determine the choice of padding, as most “berber” type carpets require a wool fibre based padding or anti-microbial synthetic backing.

Rubber is also a choice when your application is of a commercial nature, especially on cement type flooring. These kind of installations are more expensive.

Specialised applications of carpet backing or padding is also available and you should consult your expert carpet installer on the best product for your application.

When it comes to the carpet installation, you need to control whether your backing will cover the tack strips, and be thin enough to allow the carpet to grab and not slip, or whether your backing will not cover this area.

An inexpensive and often used alternative to wall to wall carpeting may be advised by a professional carpet installer and this is carpet tiles.

The method of carpet installation and finishing differs completely from traditional carpet installations, and it is often used as an alternative, the main requirement being the availability of a prepared hard surface.

It is a sincere hope that you see the sense in contacting a professional installer like M&R Carpets in Pretoria (Tshwane) and surrounds, in getting the best carpet installation and/or advice on you refurbishing, so that your home becomes an investment into living, and not a costly burden on your budget.