Carpet Protection

“M&R Carpets is the only carpet cleaning company that has both a MasterGuard and Scotchgard License.”

Carpet Protection | M&R Carpets

Prevention is better than cure, invest in Carpet Protection
This is also true in fabric stains, carpets and rug stains, as well as car interior and furniture.
Treating your carpets or fabrics with Scotchgard or MasterGuard is an investment in the life expectancy of your carpet.
“The Protection is supposed to be used on rugs and your carpets to greatly help supply safety against spots and leaks. It also will not alter the appearance of carpets and carpeting.Powerful security that is spot helps drive leaks from materials. Assists restriction by neutralizing tacky deposit spray products leave behind recurring places. Multiple Safety Method for preventing spots, rejecting leaks and combating soils. Many leaks that are clean cleanup effortlessly with only water.”

Carpet Protection

Mr Carpets uses either Scotchgard or MasterGuard fabric protection on your wall to wall carpets, rugs or loose laying carpet and upholstery. Both of these products will protects the fabric and prevents most accidental stains from soaking into the fabric
They also contain sunscreens to help prevent fading from harmful UV rays.

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We’ve been in business for many years now and work with plenty of professional companies including offices of the state and high level companies. We also work in the home on a smaller budget. Get a hold of us and We’ll recommend things for you and tell you outright how much it’s going to all cost. If it’s too much then We’ll work with what you have to do the best We can do in the situation.
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