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Upholstery Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning Guide

An Article by M Vermeulen

Are you planning to purchase a new carpet for a room, loose carpets or a lounge suite?  Some advice and foresight is required to ensure lasting pleasure in your decision.

Affordability, texture, colour, quality, delivery date, size and how the product choice will enhance your colour scheme and home are but some of the factors that comes to mind, but rest assured, a smart salesman would soon answer all these questions.

It is very seldom that a sales representative will inquire about the kind of apparatus that the customer uses to back up their maintenance and cleaning program. After all – who wants to converse on the miserable topic of cleaning.

But why is cleaning of upholstery, fabrics, curtains and floor covering such as carpets so important?

upholstery cleaning

The answer is that dirt, dust and soiling are everyday realities that attracts mites, harmful bacteria and protozoa. This results in carpets, upholstery and other floor coverings becoming a serious health hazard that may have measurable negative effects on the health condition of people in their vicinity and neighborhood. Furthermore, simple dust particles may act as an abrasive that shortens the life expectancy of fabrics – leading to more cost to the buyer due to earlier replacement.

What can I do about this?

You must listen and follow an old wise saying:  ” Prevention is better than cure. ”

Start by implementing a preventative cleaning and maintenance program. This means that you must have the equipment in place that will ensure the least amount of worry, less labor, less cost which results in a healthier lifestyle as well as longevity and appearance retention of your upholstery fabrics and/or carpets.

How do I begin?

Implement the basic rules of maintenance and invest in the following necessities:


  • Entrance Control Mats


By placing a dirt control barrier at the entrance of your residence or building, you ensure trapping of dirt, soil and moisture. This prevents tracking into the premises from daily foot wear.


  • Fabric Protection


Master Guard and Scotch Guard are well known brand names that are formulated specifically for the protection of carpets and fabrics against oil and water based stains as well as solid food droppings. These products provide a barrier against abrasion caused by small dust and sand particles, thereby increasing durability. They also protect against fading as a result of sunlight. Investing in these products could have a pleasant effect in your life when it comes to cleaning.


  • Stain Removal Kit


A Spot and Stain Removal Kit is the “first aid kit” for emergency cleaning and preventative care. They are your first “go to” when immediate attention is needed in the removing of spills and unwanted stains. A Spot and Stain Removal Kit are good for wool and synthetic fabrics and may be ordered online of purchased from the shelf.


  • Vacuum Cleaner – Upright


Vacuum cleaner play a major role in the removal of dust, dirt and grime. Carpets and rugs with longer piles, as well as high volume traffic areas should be vacuumed daily – preferably by a machine or apparatus with a beater bar or centrifugal rotating brush action. As a rule of thumb, straight (direct) suction i.e. canister type vacuum cleaners cannot compete with the modern day upright vacuum cleaners with all their features and benefits. On these vacuum cleaners it is important to check the airflow path as well as ensuring that the bags are clean and emptied regularly or replaced on the disposable type.


  • Vacuum Cleaner – Tank Canister


Tank Canister Vacuum Cleaners are very useful and handy equipment for the removal of spills, marks and accidental soiling especially when a PH test strip is on hand to evaluate the acidity of the spill. Should the stain be dry already, it needs to be moisturised before a proper test may be done. Spills like cold drinks, coffee, tea, milk and fruit juices etc. can be diluted with water and vacuumed with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Keep applying water and rinse until the offending stain has been removed. You may speed up drying by using a fan or hair dryer for quicker results, but do not apply too much heat. This method is sufficient when no cleaning kit is readily available. When your PH strip indicates the spill to be of alkaline origin, a weak acid like vinegar may be used to neutralize the alkalinity. Should the spill be of acidic origin you need a base or alkaline like soda water, soda stream water or dissolved bicarbonate of soda to neutralize acidity. These are items readily available in most pantries or kitchens. Always rinse with clean water after neutralization.


In cases where the sink or drain overflows, a pipe or geiser fails or any major water flooding you will thank your foresight in investing in a tank canister vacuum cleaner. Tank canister vacuum cleaners generally comes with numerous attachments or accessories to assist in the cleaning of your vehicle mats and upholstery as well as curtains and home upholstery.



  • Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners


Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners, like M&R Carpets are specialists that know the tools of the trade and the tricks around tougher problems. When in doubt – get advice from your flooring and fabric specialist. At some or the other time you are going to call on them for deep cleaning of your chosen carpet or upholstery product. They will also be needed when you face a flood or restoration service of your valuable assets. Have their number on hand, saved in your contacts or pinned to the fridge – there is no difference between them and your dentist or doctor, because when you need them – you expect them to be there, professional and worthy of your trust.