Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Are you planning to purchase a new carpet for a room, loose carpets or a lounge suite? Some advice and foresight are required to ensure lasting pleasure in your decision. M&R Carpets would kindly assist. With 40 years of dedication , we are acknowledged and respected by the industry, and customers.

Affordability, texture, colour, quality, delivery date, size and how the product choice will enhance your colour scheme and home are but some of the factors that comes to mind, but rest assured, a smart salesman would soon answer all these questions.

It is very seldom that a sales representative will enquire about the kind of apparatus that the customer uses to back up their maintenance and cleaning program. After all – who wants to converse on the miserable topic of cleaning. But why is cleaning of upholstery, fabrics, curtains and floor covering such as carpets so important? MR Carpets in Pretoria says ,the answer is that dirt, dust and soiling are everyday realities that attracts mites, harmful bacteria and protozoa. This results in carpets, upholstery and other floor coverings becoming a serious health hazard that may have measurable negative effects on the health condition of people in their vicinity and neighbourhood. Furthermore, simple dust particles may act as an abrasive that shortens the life expectancy of fabrics – leading to more cost to the buyer due to earlier replacement.