Covid-19 Sanitizing

What is Corvid 19 or the so-called Corona virus? Why is regular cleaning and personal hygiene all of a sudden such a high priority?

For the uninformed, High-touch surface areas is regarded as a collection, and distribution point of germs bacteria and visible microorganisms, that is not kind to humans, and can have a negative impact on your state of health.

Busses, trains, passages, Technikons, schools, elevators, door knobs, public toilets, bars restaurants and confined spaces, are but a few of these distribution points, where you can collect, without knowing, some of these dangerous organisms.

Viruses and bacteria are airborne organisms that could contaminate a surface for up to 48 hours. These invisible micro-organisms are dangerous and can cause diseases with serious health implications, to yourself and others. If precaution is not taken, death can be imminent.

So, what do we do? How do we take care of ourselves?

Viruses causes a health condition that needs medical treatment once it is in your system, so we need to implement safety measurements to protect our health by implementing Personal Hygiene, for example, by washing hands regularly with a disinfectant product, not couching or sneezing in the direction of other people. Bypass congested areas if you can, where a mask etc.

M R Carpets in Pretoria have been in the trade of cleaning for the past 40 years and have been affected by the lockdown due to the impact of the Corona Virus This invisible micro organism effects households and economies and threatens the normal living of every human being on planet earth.

We at M R Carpets engaged in a product that clearly, would play a role in how we think and what we do to protect us against an invisible enemy.

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