Laminate Flooring Cleaning and Care

Firstly, what makes laminate flooring a popular choice? Laminate flooring is a cost effective floor  overing in place of natural woods. Laminate flooring is relatively easy to install and therefore your professional installers like M&R Carpets in Pretoria can finish your choice of areas in record time. Laminate flooring is a synthetic product and is therefore a relatively allergy safe, value for money product to install in areas like kids’ rooms or play rooms with lower humidity and provides a good  scratch resistant surface. Laminate flooring appears like wood and numerous shades are available. Being a synthetic, laminate flooring requires no waxing and is fade resistant and a quality laminate has a decent wear layer and water resistive backing.

A good quality laminate floor covering as installed by M&R Carpets also provide no spaces between sheets to trap dust or dirt. On the other side of the argument – a wood floor adds resale value where laminate does not. Laminate flooring cannot be sanded down to remove deep scratches, where wood flooring can. Laminate flooring comes in only a set amount of prints, so good planning or an experienced installer like M&R Carpets is required on  nstallation to prevent issues like pattern clashing or adjacent boards with the same pattern, which looks unnatural.

Laminate flooring are not a good choice for high humidity areas, as a rule – though specialised products are available, but in most cases you should go with another synthetic floor covering, like vinyl, in these cases. Just like most other products in the world, beware of cheap knock-offs (bargains) when  onsidering laminate floor, because it will come back to bite you on installation or replacement of a damaged section. So you have decided you like laminate flooring as a coice and went ahead and called the installation team – what is the best care for your new purchase?

Laminate FlooringHere is a few pointers and general do’s and don’ts:

– No steam cleaning and no wet mops should come close to your laminate
– As said, no sanding.
– Light soils or spills should be taken care of with a microfiber mop and
minimum water.

– Tough spills may be approached with a clean white cloth and acetone
(nail polish remover) but test a small area first and rather enquire from
the experts like M&R Carpets.
– At all cost avoid abrasive cleaning materials.
– Tough stuff like gum may be handled with a plastic scraper.
– If close to an entry, entry mats are advisable.
– Sweep often and vacuum with a cylinder type vacuum (no beater bar).
– When placing rugs on your laminate flooring, it is advisable to place a
vinyl under covering to prevent slipping, same goes for furniture which
may be fitted with non-slip pads.
– Speaking of furniture, no sliding around of the heavies allowed.


That being said and you’re looking for a value for money, quick change to a room
or living area? Why not give M&R Carpets of Cannon Carpets in Pretoria and
surrounds a call today for expert advice, professional installation and ongoing
support on their excellent range of laminate flooring.