Nouwens Carpets Information

Whenever you look into purchasing new carpets for your home or business you will come across the Nouwens Carpet brand name.

Cornelis Nouwens started this carpet supplier in 1962 and today the specialise in carpets for both commercial and residential application. With their Head Office based in the Free State Province, Nouwens Carpets supplies the whole of South Africa including Gauteng with installers in all areas including Pretoria and surrounds.

Nouwens carpets currently supply carpets and carpet tiles in the form of nylon carpet tiles, polypropylene, textured carpets (blends) as well as wool. These carpets not only vary in materials but also in weave and/or pile types.

For the commercial sector you will come across Nouwens product ranges that includes Capablanca, Eclipse, Renaissance, Exact, Index, Inverto, Kirman, Picasso, Pinto and Profile carpet ranges.

Nouwens Carpets

Most carpet specialists will distinguish between wool and synthetics. In the synthetic range Nouwens carpets comes in Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester and Acrylic fibres or blends thereof. These synthetic carpets start at entry level pricing and continue right to the top range in providing improved soil resistance and easy cleaning properties. Synthetic carpets are durable, in general, and provide excellent colour retention over time.

Nouwens carpets pride themselves in the breathability of their product, which provides noise reduction or sound dampening at the same time. These products maintain lower allergen levels, when properly cared for, and trap the culprits deep in the fibre until the next professional deep cleaning. As an added benefit the wool carpet range’s natural fibre has the benefit of trapping Volatile Organic Compounds.

Which carpet tile you choose ultimately must be guided by the application for example:

Wool carpets fall under the “Environmentally Friendly” umbrella. Nouwens carpets’ wool fibres spring back more readily under traffic and these natural fibres are fire resistant and retardant. With their warmer in winter and cooler in summer feel – the piece de resistance in the heavy duty department.

The Nouwens Nylon Carpet Tiles are well known for their colour fastness – which maintain their good look for a long lifetime. Nylon is usually the more expensive in the synthetic range due to its durability, but do not be mistaken – when it comes to Nylon tiles there is no such thing as “much of a muchness” – enquire about the carpet warranty cover and this will guide you in assessing the nylon tile quality.

Polypropylene carpet tiles are sometimes better suited to your budget. Due to this being a softer polymer you will find most of these carpets in the Berber or low profile loop range. The positive aspect of these carpet tiles are the dye process and in some cases chemical treatment that make them one of the best colour fast, UV resistant and soil proof products on the market.

Polyester carpet tiles, as a rule, are the most economical choice. Their anti-static properties make them ideal for play rooms and as a bonus – this synthetic is extremely stain proof. Not in the same quality range as high cost Nylon tiles, but once again – look at the durability ratings and/or warranty when considering these carpet tiles, since no two carpet tiles are manufactured alike – unless they’re the same brand of course.

Acrylic carpet tiles have been around for ages and became popular because of the wool like appearance at a fraction of the cost. Not as durable as wool though, acrylic carpets are water repellent, but not suitable for applications where oils may be around. Because it is a synthetic it is not likely to be affected by pest damage but be aware that acrylic and wool blended carpet tiles are most common. Acrylic tiles have great colour fastness with the appearance of wool. Wool carpets are more resilient.

Nouwens carpets also has ranges in these natural and synthetic fibres that are well suited for your home or residential needs. Some of the carpet tiles aimed at this segment is: Stereo, Kirman, Entertainer, Rustique, Chenille and Berkley.

All of the previous descriptions may assist you in choosing a carpet tile for your home but in the world of carpets application is king!

You as the buyer are ultimately designing your living space and must decide whether you want a plush luxurious carpet in your bedroom or rather in the lounge where you relax or both? Do you entertain a lot and need a carpet that is easy to walk on and/or where the kids play and relax? How important is stain resistance in your dining room and is the carpet fibre you buy easy to clean?

You must remember that a carpet is a long term investment into a living space and your purchase must include planning on how to care for your carpet. Your installer will assist you in advice on caring for your Nouwens carpet.

Nouwens Carpets has also partnered with Modulyss to provide a carpet tile with bitumen backing. Since these tiles are not glued in place the may be moved, stored etc. and in case of carpet damage – just replace the damaged tile! Modulyss carpet tiles aim to combine walking comfort with improved acoustic properties.