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Persian Carpet

So you are the proud owner of a Persian rug or Persian carpet, also referred to as an oriental rug that you bought or inherited?

Well you need to know something about Persian rug care or Persian carpet cleaning. M&R Carpet Cleaners Pretoria are there to assist you in care advice or provide professional  cleaning service for your Persian Rug.

No two Persian Rugs are the same — if not purchased by yourself or inherited – do some research on the origin of your Persian rug. In some cases there is a label on the underside of the Persian rug that may assist you on the carpet fibre quality and cleaning method.

In case “dry clean only” is indicated, professional carpet cleaning and care services like M&R Carpet Cleaning Services or Cannon Carpets will assist you with a cost effective quote in areas like Tshwane i.e. Pretoria, Sinnoville, Arcadia, The Orchards, Rosslyn, Pretoria West, Die Wilgers, Waterkloof and Sunnyside to name a few.

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To further assist you in caring for your Persian Rug here are a couple of pointers:

  • Avoid Direct sunlight tends to have a fading effect on most carpets or rugs but Persian carpets are higher on the risk scale for colour fading due to sunlight. If sunlight cannot be avoided make sure you rotate your Persian rug regularly to ensure even fading.
  • Persian carpets, as a rule, require weekly Do not use the beater bar when vacuuming your Persian rug because this may lead to damage. A light sweeping may also be useful. Every two to three months get a quote from your professional carpet cleaning service for deep cleaning and care advice — after all a Persian Rug is an investment to your home.
  • If your Persian rug is in a regular pathway, make sure to rotate regularly to ensure even
  • Any spills should be cleaned immediately with cold water and possibly a mild detergent. Ask advice from your carpet professional like M&R Carpets to test your Persian rug for colour fastness and colour bleeding to find the best way of maintaining your
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Serious spills or spoils will need professional advice immediately.

  • Never comb the Rather flip the carpet a couple of times in the fringe direction to loosen the tousles.If your Persian rug or Persian carpet has furniture located on them, it is advisable to move said furniture regularly to prevent damage or wear to one area.
  • Only home content insurance covers carpets, and only some Make sure to have your Persian rug specified and in case of flooding damage get advice from your carpet professional like M&R Carpets without delay.


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Your carpet cleaning and care partner like M&R Carpet Cleaners is available for additional advice, tips and recommendations in caring for your Persian rug or Persian carpet and will ensure years of joy in your investment.

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