Persian Carpet and Rug Cleaning

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We are specialists in Persian rug cleaning and care.

Persian rugs are one of the most precious and expensive rugs that one can buy today , which also makes one quite hard to maintain it so that they do not get warn out in a short span of time.
Caring for a Persian Carpet

If you care for the rug in the right way, then the carpet will no doubt, last for years and will enhance the beauty of your home for years. There are several things people do to ensure that their carpet is clean. The most common method of persian carpet cleaning by M&R  Pretoria is vacuuming. However, you must make sure you do not do that everyday otherwise it would lead to negative results. You must vacuum your carpet at least once a week and take care of the fringes while doing the same. You must vacuum it in the same direction so that its feathers are not scattered, which makes it look untidy. When you clean your rug, it is not only the front of the rug which has to be cleaned; the back side also should be cleaned from time to time.
The Persian rugs need a lot of care and you have to make sure you do not leave them in the sun otherwise their color would fade and it will spoil the look of the carpet entirely. It is always advised to clean the rug the minute you see stains on it, otherwise they will become difficult to remove and they might even stay with the carpet forever. The stains like coffee, juice, milk and soda are the most dangerous one and should be removed immediately. You can also find carpet cleaner Pretoria as well which will take care of the stains on your carpet and remove them in no time, and even you will not have to do anything at all for its cleaning.

When a liquid spills on the carpet, it is always advised to comb the pile until and unless the patch dries. This helps it blend with other parts of the rug, making it consistent. The value of the carpet is enhanced if you get the Carpet Cleaning Pretoria done in every few years. In case you do not know how to do the same, you can always look for cleaners who would provide you the services in decent rates. In this case, you must compare the prices of different rug cleaners in your locality and then give it to the one who has the best service in the lowest price.