Scotchgard and Mastergard – Prevention

There are a lot of carpet cleaning services out there, but we bill ourselves as the best carpet cleaning service provider in the Pretoria area. Of course a lot of service providers, not just carpet cleaners say that, so what is it that makes us different? As you can see from our other articles we have shown that we do provide superior products and performance, but we have some products which none of the competition does. By that I’m referring to our Scotchgard and Mastergard preemptive carpet and fabric protector.




We like to say that “prevention is better than the cure” and with fabrics it is no different. Applying our Protection product to them will keep fabrics from being damaged from spilled and dripped liquids as well as other substances which will ruin your fabrics. Once your fabric is treated with our preemptive protection services spilled liquids will tend to bead up on the surface kind of like water coming into contact with oil, rather than soak into the fabric. This makes cleaning up much easier and improves the chances that you won’t have to contact us or anyone else for a professional cleaning. Imagine that a lasting product from a carpet cleaner which, once applied, essentially guarantees you won’t need to call a carpet cleaner again. To see how the protection works see this quote from our site…

So Scotchgard and Mastergard proactively keeps your carpet safe from harm before harm should come to it. They even protect your fabric from UV sun damage! Who else can say that about their carpet treating services? This treatment is the best thing you can do to keep your carpet safe and secure, virtually immune to spotting, modest water damage, and a variety of stains, and is guaranteed to stretch out the life expectancy of your carpets and fabrics. To see what the before and after effects look like we encourage you to check out our site.

As previously indicated Scotchgard and Mastergard not only work on traditional carpet but on all kinds of fabrics including rugs, wall carpets, loose laying carpets, upholstery and even walls! If you would like details for how our product works or how to get in touch with us please contact us at and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. You can also stay abreast to all of our carpeting service news by checking out our  website under our “News” section. Check us out today!