Stains and Spot Removal

Stains and Spot Removal

Everyone wishes to make their home beautiful and clean. This is the reason that they take every step to ensure that the home is dirt free as well as tidy. In order to accomplish this purpose, the homeowners take the help of the professionals so that this work can be done in a better way. There are lots of companies that offer carpet cleaning pretoria services to the people depending upon their need as well as budget. A full inspection of your home is carried out first so that a rough estimate can be given to the homeowners to plan their budget.
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Spot Removal Procedures

  • It is most important to clean up spills and marks immediately. The best method is to blot up liquids with white paper towels or white absorbant cloths. Scoop up solids with the blunt edge of a knife, a spoon or a spatula working inwards from the edge of the mark.
  • Treat mark with the suitable cleaning products as recommended. Each Nouwens Carpet Care product carries directions which should be followed. Note: never rub, scrub or brush a mark as this can spread it and damage the carpet pile.
  • Products such as the Nouwens heavy duty carpet cleaner will leave sticky detergent residues after use, which promote re-soiling. Make sure you follow the directions to remove this detergent residue.
  • Do not rush – Deep soiling might require repeated cleaning as it could ‘wick’ back after an initial clean. Allow the first clean to dry and vacuum well before repeating the procedure.
  • A generally safe and effective do it yourself spot removal product is the Nouwens carpet cleaning powder. It is also very effective for cleaning generally soiled areas such as main traffic routes. Nouwens Carpet Care products are suitable for wool and synthetics. Finally, the care and love you give your carpet will be returned in the enduring pleasure and warmth a well maintained carpet can provide.

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