Under Carpet Heating

Under Carpet Heating Installation

Carpet heating is installed directly below the carpet surface on top of the under felt, resulting in minimal heat loss. Carpet heating operates at a 160 watt per m² power. The element is secured between triple layers of aluminium sheeting, incorporating a polyethylene reinforced centre of waterproofing.

Underfloor Carpet Heating

All heating systems are double insulated and an aluminium sheet ensures excellent heat spread with no intensified hotspots on the carpet. The self regulating element ensures no overheating or fire hazard. Carpeted Heating is a safe, healthy and economical way to ensure total comfort.
M&R Carpet Cleaning Pretoria are the leading professionals you need for all your carpet care and cleaning needs. We make it our mission to provide the best service experience to our clients, keeping up our reputation with this expertise. Great care is taken and has always been taken with every service that has been provided. M&R Carpet Services was established in 1979 by Mr Mauritz Vermeulen.
We have witnessed many and far reaching changes in the carpet cleaning industry, but through all of this have managed to hold true to our fundamental values amongst which are service excellence and client care.

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We’ve been in business for many years now and work with plenty of professional companies including offices of the state and high level companies. We also work in the home on a smaller budget. Get a hold of us and We’ll recommend things for you and tell you outright how much it’s going to all cost. If it’s too much then We’ll work with what you have to do the best We can do in the situation.
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