What you Should Consider When Choosing an Upholstery Cleaning Company in Pretoria

upholstery cleaning Company – When choosing a carpet cleaning service in Pretoria, there are many factors consider, not least of which is the risk of carpet shrinkage. A carpet is an expensive investment and shrinking, through poor cleaning techniques, can render a costly rug or carpet worthless! For many people here in Pretoria professional carpet and rug cleaning services are a must, for reasons regarding health and of course to improve the look of a room, or sometimes in the event of a mishap. It is a sensible think to do but sometime things can go wrong. Many people experience shrinking carpets after hiring a carpet cleaning service in Pretoria; so why does this happen and how can we avoid it?

Upholstery Cleaning Company
Upholstery Cleaning Company

Which Carpets Are Vulnerable To Shrinkage?

Generally, there are two types of carpets have the tendency to shrink: axminster carpets have wool face fibre (the surface) and back made up of jute yarn. Good quality axminster carpets are usually very hard to shrink unless the jute gets wet due to improper cleaning practices.

Some varieties of Wilton carpet are prone to shrinkage, especially Belgian Wiltons. Traditionally many of these have face fibre made of polypropylene and jute backing similar to the Axminster, though many higher quality Wiltons use wool backing. Because polypropylene is not absorbent, water soaks down to the backing, which then shrinks. To find out if your carpet is a Belgian Wilton, fold you carpet and see if there is a duplicate pattern visible on the back similar to the face pile. If you are unsure, make sure you get it checked out by a professional carpet cleaning service in Pretoria.

Why Do Carpets Shrink?

The most obvious reason why carpets shrink comes down to inappropriate cleaning methods. Either their equipment is underpowered or they are simply using a bad technique. A small, underpowered carpet and rug cleaning machine cannot soak enough water from the carpet, the left-over water may then cause the carpet to shrink. The culprit could also be bad technique; cleaners using un-necessaily high quantity of pre-spray carpet cleaning agents or too much water during the rinsing. Excess water causes the carpets jute backing to swell and expand, causing stress to the structure, as it dries the damaged structure returns to a smaller size than it was before improper cleaning was applied.

How to Avoid Shrinking?
If your carpet is potentially susceptible to shrinkage, fear not – it can be cleaned however proper cleaning practices should be made use of. Therein lies the problem; how to know which carpet cleaning service in Pretoria will get your carpets clean without shrinking it? Choosing reliable upholstery cleaning Company in Pretoria east can be a difficult task, look for one that has a track-record of reliability, have professionally trained staff and uses powerful cleaning tools to ensure your carpet’s safety. Don’t forget – a professional carpet cleaning company will first check your carpet to make sure it is cleanable. In case of any suspicion that it will shrink during the cleaning, opt for low moisture cleaning.