Carpet Care

Basic Carpet Care

The following carpet care program will only be effective if started on a new carpet, or on a carpet which has been restored by a good professional clean.
Quality walk-off mats or small layover carpets will reduce dirt being walked into a fitted carpet.
Vacuum your carpets and rugs thoroughly and more frequently in well used areas to prevent soil from settling into the pile. Ensured that your vacuum cleaner is well maintained and that the bag is emptied regularly.
Remove spills and marks immediately. Prompt action will prevent the spillage from penetrating the fiber and becoming fixed.
If the above care is taken, your need for professional cleaning will be far less. However, do not wait until your carpet becomes too dirty before arranging a general clean by a reputable professional cleaner.
Remember that soil resistance treatments such as Easic care is most effective if regular and correct maintenance procedures are followed.
Should you be unsure of, or unsuccessful with a treatment, please consult a professional before you do irreparable damage to your carpet.
Complete Basic Nouwens Carpet Care Kits are available from selected Nouwens Appointed Dealers on our web register.

Professional Carpet Care

A well maintained carpet would require deep cleaning every year or two and these chemicals and machines are best left to reputable professionals. The most common method is hot water injection and extraction (often called steam cleaning). Carried out properly, it restores life to the carpet by removing ingrained dirt and by lifting flattened pile fibres. Ask for the approximate drying time and when you can safely use the carpets again. Try to select a warm, sunny day for cleaning, which should be done as early as possible in the day.

Spot Removal Procedures

It is most important to clean up spills and marks immediately. The best method is to blot up liquids with white paper towels or white absorbant cloths. Scoop up solids with the blunt edge of a knife, a spoon or a spatula working inwards from the edge of the mark.
Treat mark with the suitable cleaning products as recommended. Each Nouwens Carpet Care product carries directions which should be followed. Note: never rub, scrub or brush a mark as this can spread it and damage the carpet pile.
Products such as the Nouwens heavy duty carpet cleaner will leave sticky detergent residues after use, which promote re-soiling. Make sure you follow the directions to remove this detergent residue.
Do not rush – Deep soiling might require repeated cleaning as it could ‘wick’ back after an initial clean. Allow the first clean to dry and vacuum well before repeating the procedure.
A generally safe and effective do it yourself spot removal product is the Nouwens carpet cleaning powder. It is also very effective for cleaning generally soiled areas such as main traffic routes.

Nouwens Carpet Care products are suitable for wool and synthetics. Finally, the care and love you give your carpet will be returned in the enduring pleasure and warmth a well maintained carpet can provide.